First Radio Station in Esanland to commence broadcast soonest

First Radio Station in Esanland to commence broadcast soonest

First Radio Station in Esanland to commence broadcast soonest

By Osajele Godsent Jomo

The first indigenous radio station to be situated in Esanland and broadcast live in Esan Language is set to commence operation soonest, the promoter has said.

According to the Founder and convener of the Creative Esan Youths Foundation, (the owner of Radio Esan), Comrade Kingsley Ohens, “RadioEsan will broadcast 97 percent in Esan Language to promote Esan Culture, Traditions, business and services, Sports, Education and most importantly will promote a revival and interest in Esan language and Heritage.”

Like Radio Lagos, RadioEsan will package it’s programmes in Esan Language for an Esan audience.

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Modalities are in top gear with all the necessary approval agencies to get a Community Broadcasting licence to operate. And with God on our side, we shall commence broadcasting before the end of this year.

We are calling on all Esan sons and daughters to key into this project via acceptance and sponsorship. It’s high time we start to put Esan on the map through the mass media most especially the broadcast media”, he said.

This project will only be realised with the support of our people who believe in the greatness and development of Esanland. For example, an Esan person has already donated a studio and office space for us in Ewu, a city on top of the highest peak in Esanland. This will make signals from the studio get to all part of Esanland and her neighbours. This is a good headstart and requires support to boost the actualization of the set objectives of the first of it’s kind radio station in Esanland.

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  • Ose Sunny Reply

    This is one of the best things that have happened to Esan land. I pray that God will make it work with all the necessary facilities and financial provisions in place. God bless the Esan Man (Convener) , in Jesus mighty name.

    May 22, 2020 at 6:28 pm

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