Good Governance: Group in Esan Central vow to hold government accountable

Good Governance: Group in Esan Central vow to hold government accountable

Good Governance: Group in Esan Central vow to hold government accountable

……. …… Demand stewardship report from Esan Central Council Boss

………Vow business will not be as usual

……….Vow to go to court to compel them to give account to it’s electorate

A youth group in Esan Central known as Good Governance Advocacy, Leadership and Value Advancement(GGALVA) says it will henceforth, demand account of stewardship by political office holders in the Senatorial District.

The group also said that the days of paper projects in the locality were over as all development claims of the local government would be verified.

The National Head of Legal Unit of the group, Mr Ehinomen Ebosetale disclosed this on Saturday in Esan Central Local government area of Edo State while briefing newsmen on its activities.

Ebosetale said that there had been claims and counterclaims of what Esan Central local government had achieved in the past 2 years of it’s administration.

“We wish to say that the days of paper projects are over. We will verify those claims and make our findings known to the public,” he said.

He said that a great percentage of the youths in the local government were aggrieved, adding that deliberate efforts needed to be made to address their concerns.

According to him, it has become necessary for the youths of the local government and the state to start holding government accountable by asking questions about their future.

“We are witnesses that what is happening in some of our local government and state is not trickling down to the masses and we want to start asking questions,” Ebosetale said.

The Founder of the group, Ambassador Martins Osemuahu, said that the NGO had rolled out an accountability service project aimed at monitoring every political office holder in the local government, senatorial district and by extension the state.

Amb. Osemuahu said that they hoped to collaborate with anti-graft agencies to monitor how the resources of the various local government areas and the state government were utilised.

“Our aim is to partner with the anti-graft agencies to fight corruption in the system. We can no longer stand aloof and watch them plunder our future,” Osemuahu said.

Mrs Esther Akhigbe and legal adviser of the group, said that they would not be confrontational in their efforts to enthrone good governance in the District.

“We just feel that things should not be happening the way they are currently,” Miss Akhigbe said.

Miss Mary Oboh, a member of the NGO, said that the group was focused on two key areas – good governance and youth development.

“We want to ensure that all the indices of good governance are present in the local government, state and that youths become productive.

The group ask that the Esan local Government chairman should make publish his achievements thus far.

They also call on the LG boss to clear the air on the amount being contributed to the #100,000,000 monthly unapproved deduction from 18 LGAs without the consent of the HOLGA, TLG and of what essence and purpose has this money be regularly removed from the LG allocation for the past 27 months.

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