Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu, has revealed that 90 % of those who are chanting the song of the All Progressives Congress, APC are actually a concentrated few contrary to the false picture that’s currently being painted to lure the unsuspected public.

According to Comrade Shaibu, the previous administration of Adams Oshiomhole, concentrated all its programs and efforts in certain areas while a wide range of several other communities were either neglected or abandoned and rather than integrating communities through developmental projects, the Oshiomhole administration instead, isolated majority of the Edo Communities and focused 90 % of his achievement in areas where he has bias.

Speaking further, the Edo Deputy Governor noted that unlike what was obtainable in Oshiomhole’s tenure, the Obaseki’s administration however didn’t concentrate projects in one local government or Senatorial district but rather spread them across the three Senatorial districts, turning them into construction sites with equal magnitude of projects.

“The main voters don’t make noise. They are not interested in the political gimmicks. The silent majority of voters walk to the polling centre and cast their votes based on performance and not propaganda. That’s the victory that is assured for the PDP,” he said.

“In a Press release made available to media by the the Senior Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor on Media Benjamin Atu, Comrade Shaibu said “The major defining kernel of the Obaseki administration from inception has been the concentrated focus in turning Edo State into a modern, prosperous and economically viable entity in the geopolitical zone, where human natural resources are equitably distributed and harnessed to promote even development.

“We have not lost focus on this kernel and that is why this administration has been tagged as delivering good governance without bias, because whatever good thing we have accomplished in one local government, we are poised to replicate same in other local governments

“Go to Edo Central that was ignored and cut off by the Oshiomhole administration and see how Obaseki has integrated Edo Central back as an integral part of the State.

“The Major achievement of today is the fact that we have given an equal sense of belonging to all three Senatorial districts in the State. We have built bridges of trust, confidence and cooperation among the various ethnic nationalities that make up the State. We have established a disciplined transparent and accountable government.

“Whatever level of construction and development you see in Edo South same thing is happening in Edo Central and in Edo North. The beneficiaries of these projects are the silent majority who don’t talk to the press but express their conviction through the ballot box,” Shaibu declared.

The Deputy Governor Maintained that quality governance and dividends of democracy have been delivered and appreciated by the Edo people, and that is the reason Governor Obaseki is called the people’s voice. The People’s voice, because villages and major roads that were previously abandoned and forgotten for years, have either been constructed or rehabilitated.

“Today, we have a State where we have constructed economic and social infrastructures that can propel economic growth and development and not a State that’s is based on mindless exploitation of the people and their resources. That’s the foundation we have laid and seeking a reelection to build upon and consolidate,” the Deputy Governor said.

Benjamin Atu.
SSA Media
Deputy Governor
Edo State

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