APC’s Purported Acceptance in Esanland – Another Case of Fraud.

APC’s Purported Acceptance in Esanland – Another Case of Fraud.

APC’s Purported Acceptance in Esanland – Another Case of Fraud.


In a desperate and frantic attempt to create the impression that relics of its existence is still stuttering in Esanland, the All Progressives Congress led its campaign trail to Esanland, few days ago.

Having realized that the number of Esaus who were ready to trade their heritage for a pot of porridge and some morsels of bread have drastically dropped to a handful of political paperweights, they quickly hatched a ridiculous plan and imported some lazy youths from other localities to swell their numbers.

Their fraud was however exposed when the tactical detachment of our body that were on ground to monitor the event started engaging members of the audience who were alleged to be Esans in our local dialects. Shockingly, majority of them that were engaged in conversation in Esan language were unable to respond accordingly. Some could not even answer ordinary greetings in our local dialects! That is how APC’s practice of crowd renting was once again uncovered!
We are convinced that this type of desperation cannot and will never be for the good of the masses.

Again, a painstaking examination of the video clip of the said rally by Esan Five Renaissance, reveals that majority of the supposed Esan people who gathered at the rally could not respond properly to the Esan slogans that were chanted by the speakers. Many of the rented members of the audience appeared completely lost in the event whenever any remarks were made in Esan lexicon. These are glaring facts that real Esans can deduce by carefully watching the video clip again and again. The scanty number of the Judas that participated in the road road-walk after the departure of the imported supporters to their various territories, gives credence to our position.

We are therefore, by this Release advising those who are not of Esan extraction and consequently might have been deceived by that charade not to be perturbed. We all know ourselves in Esanland. The very few political paperweights that are giving APC futile hope in Esanland are obviously doing so to get the much they can grab from the vault that has been thrown opened by the Benin Billionaire. When the chips are down, we shall return to the realm of interpretation.

On a final note, we hereby copiously reiterate our unfettered resolve to pay those who have designed satanic template to eternally keep Esanland in servitude, back in their very own coin. We shall not fail to register our grievances through the ballot to those who isolated Esanland for good 8 years and now want to become the Lord of the Manor.

Esan Akugbe – Ahu!

Emmanuel Ekeutomiye Esq .
Director/Media and Publicity.

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