IYAMIDR Appoints Chief Inegbineki as Chairman of BoT

IYAMIDR Appoints Chief Inegbineki as Chairman of BoT

IYAMIDR Appoints Chief Inegbineki as Chairman of BoT

The Initiative for Youth Awareness on Migration Immigration Development and Reintegration, IYAMIDR, has announced the appointment of High Chief Dr. Francis Inegbeniki, as Chairman, Board of Trustees.

The appointment took effect from October 1, 2020.

According to the Executive Director, IYAMIDR, Comrade Solomon Okoduwa, “this was followed by the decision of the members of Board of Trustees and the Executive Council and ratification of the general council.

As Chairman of Board, his duties among others, to oversee the activities of the Board of Trustees, to intervene in issues concerning the Organization including members of Board and the executive council; to serve as a custodian of the Organization; to help drive the policy initiatives of the organization; to coordinate and activate the activities of the Board of Trustees.

The Executive Director is confident that his appointment will surely bring about accelerated progress and development of the Organization and Nigeria at large.

According to Comrade Okoduwa, “the appointment of Inegbineki is a clear indication of our desire to achieve our vision of creating an organisation which will outlive us all. It took us a while to find a suitable candidate for this role, and we are delighted with the choice of Chief Inegbineki is most certainly equipped for the job.”

Dr. Francis Inegbeniki, is the Uzoya One of Esanland.

Initiative for Youth Awareness, Migration, Immigration, Development and Reinterpretation (IYAMIDR) is a Non-Governmental Oragnisation primarily aimed at raising awareness on dangers of irregular migration and human trafficking.

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