FEAR GRIPS UGBOWO, USELU, ENVIRONS, Over House-to-house ROBBERS RAID in EDO……… Eben Enasco reporting.

FEAR GRIPS UGBOWO, USELU, ENVIRONS, Over House-to-house ROBBERS RAID in EDO……… Eben Enasco reporting.

Eben Enasco reporting.

Inhabitants of Uselu, Ugbowo and environs face turbid times in the hand of some Suspected armed Criminal gangs who now parades adjoining streets and Rob shop owners of their goods, kill and harrased harmless residents in a Broad day light operations.

With similar attacks also taking place in other areas of textile mill road, Medical stores, Okhoro, Isiehor and oluku axis during the day, it was learned that, some residents are facing heightened tensions seeking God’s only interventions following the failure of Police Operatives to fully resume duty.

Despite battles for supremacy between Cult rivalry groups who had embarked on embarrassing wanton killings of each other, hopes were gradually gathering momentum for a peaceful resolve between the group.

Upper Sakponba had been the epicenter of the resultant clashes but with the recent presence of Security joint task force there, it appears that, the fleeing suspects have taking Uselu-Ugbowo-
medical as their new abodes.

The Worst hit areas are Residents of Good Samaritan Street,
Ediakean Primary School Road,
Iyase, Ebo Junction and Etiosa
suburb, who are forced to sleep early with doors closed and hallucinating similar attacks.

It was gathered that, Shop owners close up their shops by 4pm and resumes sale at 8:30am with most areas around, deserted and lonely enough for Criminal onslaughts.

Commercial activities have hit all time low over incessant gun shots that had continued to rent the air at free will, whilst resulted to killings in most cases.

Days ago, a man who was reportedly returning home from work was attacked and killed around first Federal Road with his lifeless body seen in the early hours of the following day.

According to a source, the deceased was few meters away from his place when he was reportedly hacked to death.

Similarly, a middle age furniture apprentice, who was at his furniture stalls, life was cut shot by the Suspected Criminal operatives who ambushed him while he was said to have gone to buy materials for a job.

A senior resident who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, said that; “the gang of armed robbers moved door-to-door, shooting or hacking some of their victims to death”.

According to him, “they Rob traders’ shops on a daily basis. Every day, we are afraid of the Criminal elements. They move around brandishing guns and weapons of mass destruction.

“They do not only threatning their Victims, but Rob them of their belongings. Those children are very scary”.

“We are appealing to appropriate authorities to protect the live and properties they took oat for. We can’t sleep with our eyes closed”.

It would be recall that, More than Four police divisional stations across the city center were burned recently alone in a peaceful protest against Police Brutality turned violence.

Statistics are difficult to come by, but many would say Edo State, Particularly Benin City, has been an increase in some types of crime in recent weeks.

The level of murder and robbery rates have risen since the advent of #ENDSARS Protest which was believed to have been hijacked by Suspected hoodlums and Cultists, leaving no fewer than 38 Persons murdered since the cult clashes.

Out of the 38 Persons widely reported to have been killed, at the last counts of body bags, more than 10 persons cut across Uselu- Ugbowo-medical stores axis have died as a result of the cult clashes in less than two weeks.

The hues and cries over the level of insecurities in Edo State which inadvertently getting Residents worried after the Endsars Protests allegedly hijacked by suspected hoodlums, were attributed to the attack on Police facilities and jail breaks that left arms and ammunition carted away.

The Commissioner of Police
Edo State Johnson Babatunde
Kokumo, During a recent parade of 48 Suspected Criminals, noted that the fleeing Inmates and other suspects would soon be tracked

As of the time of file-in the report, sounds from the security vehicles parading were heard moving into the flash points of the adjoining streets in Uselu to signal their presence in the danger zones as sounds of heavy gun shooting at every interval rent the air.

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