Esan Youths Are Great People, Law Abiding, Cooperative, Supportive In The Fight Against Crime – Ekpoma Area Commander

Esan Youths Are Great People, Law Abiding, Cooperative, Supportive In The Fight Against Crime – Ekpoma Area Commander

Esan Youths Are Great People, Law Abiding, Cooperative, Supportive In The Fight Against Crime – Ekpoma Area Commander

….Commends Hon. Joe Edionwele For Donating Two Vehicles To The Cammand In Two Years.

Ekpoma 19th January 2021

ACP Akeke Eimujofa is the Area Commander, Ekpoma Command of the Nigeria Police Force. In this interview with Radio Esan Online, the soft spoken officer talked about the task of combating crime in Esanland, the support from Hon Joe Edionwele and his general assessment of Esan people in terms of abiding by law. Excerpt.

Radio Esan: Good day sir. We are from Esan Youths Organization. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your position in the Nigeria Police Force?

Area Commander: I am ACP Akeke Eimujofa, I am the Ekpoma Area Commander having Iruekpen Division, Ekpoma Division, Ebelle Division and Ekpon Division under my command.

Radio Esan: Please tell us about the state of security of life and properties in your area of operation (Jurisdiction).

Area Commander: For now, I can boldly beat my chest that Ekpoma is peaceful and calm, with very low incident of crime. Very very low incident of crime.

Radio Esan: Where are the hot crime prone spots in your area of operation?

Area Commander: Let’s look at it from the Four(4) Divisions. If we go division by division, Ekpoma Division compare to other division is very low in crime. For very long time now, no armed robbery, no kidnapping, no murder.

Radio Esan: What challenges do you face in combating crime in Esanland?

Area Commander: This is a general problem in the Police Force. This is Logistics. People only see logistics as just vehicles but not completely truth. We also need maintenance of the vehicles, fuelling of the Vehicles etc.

Radio Esan: Do you get support from Esan Sons and daughters especially the well to do and the political office holders?

Area Commander: Not so much.

Radio Esan: We are aware that Hon Joe Edionwele, Member representing this constituency at the National Assembly, donated an equiped Hilux Van to your Command, please tell us about this donation?

Area Commander: Yes, about two weeks ago Hon. Joe Edionwele listened to the plead of the Police Force and donated a brand new equiped Toyota Hilux to the Ekpoma Division. Prior to that, two years ago, he donated a brand new Hyundai Bus to the Ekpoma Area Command.
I want to put it on record that Hon. Joe Edionwele stands out in assisting the command. He is always there for us. In a space of three years, he has given us 2 new vehicles. I call on others to emulate him to assist the police in the fight against crime. I truly appreciate him.

Radio Esan: What have others done to support your work?

Area Commander: Another great Ekpoma youth gave us a brand new Siena car but he strictly warned that he wants his name to be silent. He is a young Ekpoma youth who is doing well in business. Apart from that, no other person.

Radio Esan: What is your general comment on the Esan Youths and people in terms of abiding by law?

Area Commander: Esan Youths are great people, law abiding, cooperative, and supportive in the fight against crime. Remember that Ekpoma was a war zone in terms of cult activities. Some are members of the anti-cult group, Vigilantes, hunters and these groups are also assisting the police in crime fighting. Each time we call the youths, they are always ready.

Radio Esan: What can the people do to support your work?

Area Commander: people should give us geniue information and this information must be given to either the DPO or myself who has the power to protect the information and to execute the information without putting the informant in the picture. People should not just come and give information to anyone please. They can still assist with more vehicles, maintenance, fueling and tyres.

Radio Esan: Give a word of advice to Esan Youths and people.

Area Commander: I want to advise the Esan youth to continue doing their legitimate business and those who think fraud will help should stay away from it. They should continue to abide by the law and leave in unity and love.

The relief the vehicles Edionwele gave to us was a great one. I truly appreciate him. The Onojie of Ekpoma is another great man, God bless him so so much. I also appreciate Ekpoma Stakeholders Forum for their fight and lending their voices and you Esan Youth Organization for finding time out to come for this interview, God bless you all

Radio Esan: Thank you sir.

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