Railway Station in Esanland: Know More About The Railway Station In Esanland

Railway Station in Esanland: Know More About The Railway Station In Esanland

Railway Station in Esanland: Know More About The Railway Station In Esanland

Ohe, Uwesan 21st January 2021

Hon Cyril Abuya is the Security Supervisor at the Ohe Station of the Nigerian Railway Corporation running through Esanland from Warri Delta State to Ajaokuta Kogi State. In this encounter with Radio Esan Online, the Former Special Adviser to Esan Central Council Chairman, talked in details about the new innovation in transportation in Esanland. Excerpt:

Radio Esan: Please tell us your name and the position you are holding at the Railway Station in Ohe.

Abuya: Am by name CYRIL ABUYA. I am Supervising Security to Nigerian Railway Corporation Station 4 OHE Community in Uwessan Irrua, Esan Central Local Government Area Edo State.

Radio Esan: We are aware that the train is now running from Warri to Ajaokuta through Esanland. Can you tell us about this?

Abuya: The train now run from Warri to Ajaokuta through Esanland. We have two stations in Esan – Ekekhen in Igueben and OHE in Irrua. The one in OHE and Agbor is the largest in size. The OHE Station has a filling station and a workshop with Engineering Department building including a very large building for the administrators, and also a very large warehouse.

Radio Esan: How regular are the trains running?

Abuya: They run from Monday to Friday.

Radio Esan: is the train for passengers and heavy goods?

Abuya: The train is mainly for persengers and heavy goods that is why there is a warehouse.

Radio Esan: How much is the fare from Warri to Ohe?

Abuya: From Warri to OHE is N1,220 while from OHE to Ajaokuta is N1,220.

Radio Esan: Is it only Ohe that has a station in Esanland?

Abuya: We have two stations in Esan namely Ekekhen in Igueben and OHE in Irrua. We now have one in Agenebode.

Radio Esan: How secured is the station, is it closed to town?

Abuya: The amazing thing is that the one in OHE Community is at the center of the community. The security is 100 percent guaranteed. We have policemen and security guard at the post both day and night.

Radio Esan: What is the patronage rate?

Abuya: The patronage rates is low even the offices are not yet opened because of Covid-19. We only have security agency on ground that is why you pay the fare inside the train if not you are supposed to come to the office to pay and take your ticket before boarding the train.

Radio Esan: How do you publicize the development for people to be aware?

Abuya: The publication can be done through media eg social media and radio/television even through journals.

Radio Esan: Give a word of advice to people on this new development in Esanland.

Abuya: My word of advice for the Esan people on this new development are: 1, we should improve on our productions such as agriculture, commerce and industry. 2, Esan security outfit should be introduced etc.

Radio Esan: Please tell us the movement schedule of the train.

Abuya: The movement schedule is this. The train normally depart from Warri at about 7.00am, then pick persengers from the 4 station in Delta State then arrive at Ekekhen in Igueben at about 9.30am then arrive at OHE in Irrua at about 10.45am and they normally arrived at Itakpe Ajaokuta at about 1.30pm. They spent 5 minutes in every station for now.

Radio Esan: Thanks and God bless you and your respective team and family .

Abuya: I remain CYRIL ABUYA, former SA on environment to Solomon Eromosele former Esan Central Local Government Council Chairman.

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  • Lulu Reply

    Please post videos of the trains and passengers embarking. Well done Sir! 08054120684. Cab also WhatsApp any such media for us share your good work.

    January 22, 2021 at 8:59 am

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